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Indonesian Handwoven Pahikung Tube Sarong, East Sumba Textiles – WI-PHK007

Origin: Melolo, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Measurements:  Sarong measures 122 cm x 134 cm, shoulder cloth
Composition: High-grade cotton
Process: Hand-dyed using natural dyes, handwoven using a back-strap loom
Weight: extra-thick due to the supplementary warp weaving process.
Colour: The based in coloured in dark natural indigo and the motifs are in Ivory white
Suitability: wall hanging, upholstery, fashion apparel fabric, cushion covers

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This offer is for a stunning East Sumba Hand-woven Supplementary Warp Traditional/Ceremonial Pahikung Tube Sarong. The width is given on this listing, that the sarong presumed un-stiched, not in its tube form, please see the images for full guidance. This sarong is made up of two panels of woven cloths. The width of handwoven Indonesian textiles made using a back-strap loom is usually less than 1 m wide. Most wide textiles with a width of 1 m or more are usually always made up of two or more panels stitched together. The stitching is usually done fairly roughly (not extremely neat).

East Sumba is truly famous for its Hinggi ikat textiles, probably one of the most pictorial ikat designs from the Indonesian archipelago. Alongside the Hinggi ikat textiles, East Sumba also produces the equally amazing Pahikung textiles like this lovely sarong, handwoven using a back-strap loom. The designs are produced using supplementary warp techniques with immense geometric designs. You will often find that pahikung designs are combined with warp ikat designs.

We are offering several varieties and designs of East Sumba Pahikung textiles, in tube sarong form and or bed/table runner sizes. Some of our Pahikung textiles are coloured using synthetic dyes and some coloured using natural dyes. This information will be stated clearly on each of the listings.

We are proud to let you know that part of the proceeds from the sale of this cloth will go to support community and environmental project managed by Connect Indonesia in partnership with the weavers. We have been donating reading glasses to senior artisans all over Indonesia since 2013, and this program is still going strong.  We are currently managing several small environmental projects where we work with the weavers to plant trees that yield natural dye colours.

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Dimensions 122 × 134 cm
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